The revolution does not ask for permission.


It opens the door and brings the new one. Disruption is our way of thinking. And our way of doing it.

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Curious by nature.

Curiosity moves the world forward and is part of the Zoly way of being. We have always been restless and so we seek the best solutions to achieve the best results.


Test. Learn. Solve it.

We discover new possibilities at every stage of the journey. Do you have an idea? Test it. New learning? Evolve. Solving is the consequence of intelligence with a dose of courage.



In the world of data, collaboration is crucial. We work together to join forces and new knowledge. It is the sum - and not the part - that makes the difference.

Innovation is necessary. Living is not necessary.

Our first innovation was not technology but the business model

Innovation is 90% sweat and 10% inspiration. Or not.

Sometimes it comes like lightning. Sometimes takes months. Either way, we have our way. Call it an incubator, accelerator or a lab. We have an “always on” innovation conveyor inside and out. We encourage projects and ideas from everyone, from any area of the company. This is MILA. At the same time, we look at the market and develop individuals and ideas that can be great and valuable. This is Mutant Garage.

Yes, news. Good news.

Our way of change de world

Discover the actions and initiatives that we are proud to share

UX Panorama

Every year, our UX and Research areas promote the UX Panorama study that aims to bring insights and learning about the UX sector in Brazil. We interview several professionals and specialists throughout the country to foster UX development and expansion.


WIAD is a global event that takes place in various parts of the world and focuses on the UX area. ZOLY is the promoter of this meeting in São Paulo and, every year, organizes and produces the event in the city, bringing expert speakers to share experiences, talk about trends and discuss the new directions of UX and UI.

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