Performance & CRO

Result is King. Experience is Queen. We have both.

Our unique methodology for digital performance unites consumer understanding and behavior with Zoly’s sales automation platform. We map the customer’s journey, profile, and context to create a multi-channel communication tool (media, email, WhatApp, SMS, chatbots, call center) with more efficiency and scale.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a powerful alternative to achieve more conversions and improve any company’s performance as it unites data culture with experimentation and A/B testing.

With a well elaborated CRO and Performance strategy, besides the conversion rate optimization, it is possible to implement changes and new features in a more agile way, understand in depth who the customer is and be able to bring experiences with a high level of customization at each moment of the customer buying journey. 

Here at ZOLY, we work with an exclusive acquisition model applied to war rooms and strategic teams for KPI optimization.

Our solutions

  • Google Suite (GA360 and Optimize 360)
  • Sales Platform
  • Media Services
  • SEO
  • CRM
  • CMI

Our differentials


Multidisciplinary professionals


Google Analytics. It is one of the few companies in Latin America authorized to implement Google Analytics 360 and Optimize 360


Innovative Model. Digital end-to-end performance solution

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